Date: Sunday 10 September 2017 | 11am

Location: 6 Ralph St, Alexandria

The Message Stick Vehicle resized

IMG_5304The Aboriginal art car is dubbed ‘The Message Stick Vehicle’ and is a timeless art piece of Australian Aboriginal cultural history adorned with incredible Aboriginal paintings on this one of a kind Ex-Military 1961 Land Rover vehicle.

The Message Stick Vehicle is a 1961 Land Rover from the Vietnam war era and was an army off road Ambulance driven by film maker Michael Butler for 10-years around Australia while documenting it’s journey and painted by over 200 Aboriginal Artists across Australia.

It re-enacts a 50,000 year-old Aboriginal tradition of Message Sticks being passed on by young warriors from tribe to tribe as safe passage onto their lands and painted with overlays of artwork similar to a cave painting.

The vehicle has now been exhibited and displayed in five major museums around Australia with the handprints of Nelson Mandela and Former Prime Minister of Australia, Gough Whitlam at The National Museum of Australia.

It also represents the artwork of some of the most prolific Aboriginal artists and is now ready to be sold at Auction.

To be auctioned in our upcoming Fine Aboriginal & Oceanic Arts Auction.

Sunday 10 September | 11am

6 Ralph St, Alexandria


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