Date: Sunday 23 September 2018 | 10:30am

Location: Sydney

Sunday 23 September 1.30 pm approx. Lots 302-424.

Rebecca Martland started collecting as a young girl being taken to Trash & Treasure Markets around Melbourne with her parents.

She became inspired by the Harbour Bridge, when around the table as a family,  her Late Father enthused about the incredible feat of engineering that was “The Bridge”. The Romantic notion of the bridges uniting two sides was also appealing, reminding her metaphorically speaking of the bridges of life and the many crossings we all make.

The Collection though initially sourced by scowering the trash & treasure markets,  as she became more mobile she ventured further afield, most was found in Melbourne but interestingly a number of pieces were found in Adelaide & others in Pert.

She found the excitement and pleasure undimmed and when returning from collecting trips with new finds, going into the family kitchen to show them to her Father, his delight & interest was infectious.

Parts of the Collection for which she makes special mention is the Belt Buckle, which always makes her smail, the Commemorative Box with it’s needlework sampler like inscriptions & the Ivorex plaque which was hung amongst a group of similar plaques of English scenes in her Mother’s bathroom.

Whilst sad to see the Collection leave her hands, Rebecca realises a Collection such as this can be a burden on those who come after and feels it is now time for it all to have new homes and create new conversations.



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