Date: Sunday 20 October

Location: Sydney

Coco Chanel is believed to have owned 32 screens, “I’ve loved Chinese screens since I was eighteen years old… I nearly fainted with joy when, entering a Chinese shop, I saw a Coromandel for the first time… Screens were the first thing I bought…” (Quoted in “Chanel Solitaire” by Claude Delay – Gallimard – 1983 p.12)

Screens are emblems of wealth & power and have a broad variation of style and subject. They depict images from classic works, native landscapes, seasonal flowers, figures in everyday pursuits and often carry a message or quote from Confucius.

Screens were used as diplomatic gifts, in sacred settings and room dividers, today we have similar uses due to the clean lines & beauty in the painting.  They are usually unsigned & undated.

Lynette Cunnington

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