Date: Sunday 30 April

Location: Sydney


This state of the art Home Theatre Stereo System is comprised of two full Wilson Audio Speaker Systems in one impressive setup.

The suite includes a set of Wilson Duette standing floor speakers with in-line drivers, with each speaker featuring an 8” Woofer and a 1” Dome Tweeter for a high quality upper frequency response. There is a full set of Wilson Audio 4ohm Puppy Speaker Stacks, with each Stack including two 8” Woofers, a 7” Mid-Range Cone and a 1” Titanium Dome Tweeter. A pair of 12” Wilson Watch Dog Passive Subwoofers in sealed boxes round off the collection. This combination of equipment is designed to reproduce crystal clear audio at any volume.

The setup also includes mostly new, unopened Audiophile-grade signal and power cables additional to the original cabling. Leather bound manuals, technical specification sheets and original receipts have been retained.
This is truly a no compromise, no expense spared, high quality stereo system. Currently set up in our auction rooms, the system must be heard and felt to be fully appreciated. Appointments available for early inspection and sound testing, please call or email to arrange a time.

The suite comprises:
-Wilson Audio 4ohm Puppy Speaker Stacks
-Pair of Wilson Duette standing floor speakers
-Pair of 12” Wilson Watch Dog Passive Subwoofers
-An Accuphase C-2410 Precision Stereo Pre-Amplifier
-A Gryphon Tabu Century Integrated Amplifier
-An Accuphase A-45 Class-A Stereo Amplifier
-An Accuphase DS-510 Clean Power Supply
-Pair of Musical Fidelity 550K Superchargers (Monoblock Amplifiers)
-An Accuphase DP-500 CD Player
-A Denon TU-1500RD Radio Tuner
-A Yamaha CDR-HD1500 HDD/CDR Recorder

Emporium Auction | Sydney
30 April 2017 | 10:30am

On General View:
Friday 28 April | 10 – 4pm
Saturday 29 April | 10 – 4pm
Sunday 30 April | 9:30 – 10:30am
6 Ralph St | Alexandria | NSW 2015
T. (02) 8212 4100

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