Date: Sunday 9 April

Location: Sydney

Belinda Abel Ming Jar 2

The objects, prints & paintings in the 100 Asian lots on offer represent the diverse provenance, taste & choice of the collectors.

The highlight in the sale is Lot 153, a Chinese lidded porcelain jar from the late Ming dynasty, with a fascinating & well documented provenance. A jar that once belonged to William Charles Wentworth (1790-1872), explorer, author, barrister & owner of historic Vaucluse House. This lot is being sold by a 5th generation, direct descendent, with a photograph of her mother, Joan Wentworth Weekes from the 1958 copy of the article from the Australian Women’s Weekly. Lot 328 is a very worn, silver half-crown from Great Britain & dated 1816-1820, William Charles Wentworth returned from England in 1824, & three years later he bought, what we now know as Vaucluse House.

Other collectors include a retired European airline executive, who during his career amassed an enormous collection of things, with part of the assemblage in this sale. The lots include cricket cages from China, tea ceremony ritual objects from Japan, silver from Cambodia, Buddhist art from Tibet & Thailand & Lot 150, an important pair of porcelain tiles, inscribed by a Zhushan artist.

Han to Qing, most of the Chinese dynasties are represented in the collection of an Eastern Suburbs businessman. During the early 1990s he became fascinated with Chinese tomb figures being uncovered in China – Lot 169, illustrates some of the hairstyles of Women of the Tang dynasty & Lot 174 is a good example of glazed Ming dynasty miniatures, the horse & groom reduced in size compared to early dynasties.

From the Southern Highlands there are a number of lots including Lot 152, an exquisite Burmese Gilt Box, from a couple who are de-accessing, plus objects from Japan, India & Indonesia owned by a former Australian Ambassador.

Lynette Cunnington
Asian Art Specialist

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