Date: Sunday 14 October 2018 | 11am

Location: 6 Ralph Street, Alexandria NSW 2015

Elephants are revered in Thailand and by many of their near neighbors, they are culturally and spiritually significant, and have been an icon of society for centuries. Often two are placed outside a government building or a private dwelling of the upper class, as a guardian and to ward off intruders.

From rock art to modern day street art the elephant has remained a popular subject in Thai art and architecture.

Elephants appear in most Asian religious beliefs, traditions and mythology. They are respected for their prowess in war, high intelligence and good memory. They are a symbol of Thailand and celebrated for their longevity, durability and strength.

The collection of realistically carved elephant heads & two herds, have come from a Thai restaurant that was established about 30 years ago. The owners amassed a large collection of Thai elephant carvings, Buddhist sculptures and objects.

The elephant is Thailand’s national animal, the Thais celebrate National Elephant Day, the elephant appears on the national flag of their neighbor Laos and the white elephant on the Thai navy flag. The Kings Cup Elephant Polo is a charity event to protect elephants.  The white elephant is a symbol of royal power the King has eleven pampered white elephants.

Lynette Cunnington

September 2018

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