Date: Sunday 17 March 2019

Location: 6 Ralph Street, Alexandria NSW 2015

Romano Mazzucco was a distinguished Italian career expatriate, history buff and passionate collector of Asian, European and African art and antiques. He dedicated five decades to personally collecting ceramics, paintings, sculpture, works on paper, stamps and interesting artifacts spanning four continents. He was generous and magnanimous, often supporting artists in their life’s work. In fact, he more often than not selected works based on a sentiment shared with the artist or seller. Many of his collected works are thereby truly unique.

Romano was an avid reader, had a curious mind and cherished the works he collected. His eclectic home was a testament to his love of art and the creative mind. He enjoyed nothing better than to welcome friends and art admirers into his home, delighted to explain the history and extoll the beauty of any particular piece.

Sandra Mazzucco
January 2019

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