1955 Chateau Pichon Longuiville Reveal

02 December 2016

Under instructions from the vendor, our wine department had the privilege of opening this gem for the first time. Château Pichon-Longueville Lalande is one of the most important Super Seconds of Bordeaux – this classical...

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Tinga Tinga Collection in our February Emporium

01 December 2016

Theodore Bruce is pleased to announce a large collection of Tinga Tinga works to be included in our Emporium Auction | February. The works are from a collection of a former airline executive, who travelled...

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A Knight’s Tale

01 November 2016

Some exciting results followed Theodore Bruce’s Emporium Auction on the 30th October. Our four superb German Hanau Silver figures were of great interest throughout the month, with the pieces reaching a total of over $6,000...

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The Celebrated Eye Of Norma Moriceau

01 November 2016

Director Phillip Noyce recently called Norma Moriceau Australia’s greatest costume designer, adding she could “look at an actor and immediately see their potential to be someone else, someone that dreams are made of. She did...

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Knights and Noblemen

27 October 2016

Featured in our October Emporium Auction are four German Hanau Silver and Ivory Figures of Knights and Noblemen. Most intriguingly, these figures were modelled after four of the twenty-eight larger than life-size bronze statues that...

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