Theodore Bruce Sydney Announces Take Over of John Williams Auctions

12 June 2014

The Directors of Theodore Bruce, Sydney, are pleased to announce that a deal has been struck for the company to buy the business of John Williams Auctions, effective from 1 July. The combined company will...

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Industrial Commercial Valuation and Auction Services

09 April 2014

Theodore Bruce Auctions Industrial Commercial Asset Management Division offers a comprehensive and highly regarded industrial commercial valuation and auction service. Re-formed three years ago, the Division has rapidly built a reputation for providing professional services...

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If the coffin fits, buy it!

25 November 2013

In the 1930’s during the Great Depression, many small businesses in Australia went to the wall. In 1932, Theodore Bruce Auction’s Fred Bruce had the unfortunate task of selling the entire contents of a general...

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The (almost) silent auction by James Bruce, Managing Director

25 November 2013

Auctions come in all shapes and sizes…and sometimes evolve under the most unusual circumstances… In the late 1960s my father, Ian Bruce, was appointed by a Trustee in Bankruptcy to sell a block of land...

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Everything including the kitchen sink…and the family budgie

03 January 2013

Most matrimonial matters before the Family Court require a valuation of assets. Theodore Bruce Auctions have staff specifically trained to undertake the difficult and often delicate task of valuing assets… but sometimes it involves thinking...

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