Most matrimonial matters before the Family Court require a valuation of assets. Theodore Bruce Auctions have staff specifically trained to undertake the difficult and often delicate task of valuing assets… but sometimes it involves thinking outside the square, as Managing Director James Bruce found.

Many years ago, James Bruce did a valuation for a couple who were divorcing.

Today, the valuation process in a matrimonial matter is designed to be non-adversarial. The couple jointly appoint a single valuer to undertake the task.

However, in previous times, two independent valuers were selected to undertake the task. Once they had finished, they were called before a family law court judge and cross examined, often line by line, through their valuation reports.

It was during this period that James undertook this particular valuation.

He thought he’d done a thorough job, so was mortified when the opposing solicitor pointed out that he had missed valuing the pet bird.

“Why did you not value the entire contents of the matrimonial property?” asked the opposing valuer, with a smug smile on his face.

James replied: “In matters involving living creatures I believe it is better to call upon the wisdom of Solomon rather than rely on the avarice of Mammon to settle the matter”.

The lawyer, obviously not a student of the Old Testament, turned to the judge somewhat perplexed.

The judge, to James’ delight, answered: “He has referred the matter to a highly authority than me and I concur”.

James Bruce was excused and the budgie was no longer threatened with being cleft in two.

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