A Universe of Sci-Fi Collectables

From Whovians to X-Philes to Trekkies, Sci-Fi fans are some of the most ardent on the planet. So, it should come as no surprise that Sci-Fi collectables have reached interstellar prices at auction. Last month, a script for the original Star Wars movie belonging to Harrison Ford sold for £10,795 in the United Kingdom, just a few weeks after a Jawa figure went under the hammer for £19,500. Incredibly, these prices were just a fraction of that paid for the most expensive sci-fi collectables. From Star Wars to Star-Lord, here’s what some passionate collectors will part with, for a glimpse of bold new worlds.

X-wing fighter GENE KOZICKI/HERITAGE AUCTIONSRare and Coveted Star Wars Collectables 

The Star Wars Jawa figurine that sold in January was a 1970’s original from Palitoy, apparently one of only a handful made with a vinyl cape before the toy company switched to cloth. The BBC reports that it was one of two figures belonging to the lucky vendor, who received the toys as promotional gifts whilst working for Marvel UK in the 1970’s. The vendor’s other figure – an identical Jawa – sold for £26,670 at auction last July.

Rarity holds strong appeal for sci-fi collectors, with one-off objects highly coveted. Last October, a 20-inch model X-Wing (pictured) became the highest-priced Star Wars prop in history. Used in the climatic space battle in the original 1977 film, it was thought to have been lost for decades before being discovered in the garage of Greg Jein, an Oscar-nominated model maker. The X-Wing sold at a Dallas auction for an astounding US$3.135 million.

Valuing a Personal ProvenanceALIEN (1979) - Editor Terry Rawlings' Heavily Annotated Script

While the rare holds immense appeal for sci-fi collectors, the personal is also highly desirable. The original Star Wars script auctioned recently had been left behind in a London home by actor, Harrison Ford. The Hans Solo actor was staying in the flat whilst shooting Star Wars, and it was discovered alongside call sheets, handwritten notes and shooting schedules. The script sold for £10,795 – proving that a personal connection can help ordinary items reach extraordinary prices.

Whilst actors are the face of entertainment, a provenance direct to the film makers may also be highly valued. One movie script sold at auction in November 2023 received far less publicity than the Harrison Ford one – yet it attracted fierce bidding. Editor Terry Rawlings’ heavily annotated script from Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic Alien, pictured, had an estimate of £8,000 – £16,000 when it went under the hammer in the United Kingdom. It received 29 bids, eventually selling for £68,750.

Spock’s Starfleet costume from Star Trek Beyond, sold at auction in the United States 2023.Sci-Fi Fan Favourites in Demand

While rarity and provenance are key drivers for sci-fi collectors, collectables can also draw strong bidding if they are emblematic of particular shows.

For Whovians (Doctor Who fans), the Daleks are one of the show’s most iconic creations. An android-like race focused on extermination, Daleks have pursued The Doctor and terrified audiences since 1963. In a 2010 London auction of BBC Doctor Who props, two 1988 Imperial Daleks were star attractions, the top selling for £20,400 IBP – and far surpassing bids on costumes and other memorabilia.

Similarly, the FBI badges flashed by Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Sculley (Gillian Anderson) in the sci-fi cult classic, The X-Files, frequently go for thousands at auction. Just last month in Los Angeles, a buyer paid $31,250 for a set of replica badges in leather cases – originally sold at a Fox TV charity event.

Other notable lots from the same entertainment memorabilia auction included a light-up C-3PO head from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi belonging to actor Anthony Daniels (US$843,750), a Stormtrooper helmet from the same film (US$225,000), a Blade Runner miniature model (US$131,250) and Star-Lord’s (Chris Pratt) Quad Blaster from Guardians of the Galaxy (US$46,875). While Spock’s Starfleet costume from Star Trek Beyond (pictured) sold for US$25,000, it didn’t match the figure for an original Spock costume worn by Leonard Nimoy, previously sold for £61,500 in the U.K.

Three Star Wars Evolutions 77-07 Figure Packs including Vader's Secret Apprentice, The Seith Legacy & The Fett Legacy, Hasbro 2008, In Original BoxesFor the Love of Science Fiction

While rarer collectables command sky high prices, there’s a whole universe of Star Wars and sci-fi collectables for avid fans.

The great thing about sci-fi collectables is that there’s such a range,” says Holly Furness, Collectables Specialist. “We auction toys, games and collectables, and while limited editions and items in original packaging are generally the most sought after, buyers can often pick up toys and memorabilia for very low prices.”

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Pictured: Three Star Wars Evolutions 77-07 Figure Packs including Vader’s Secret Apprentice, The Seith Legacy & The Fett Legacy, Hasbro 2008, In Original Boxes