DATE: Monday 7 September | 6pm

LOCATION: Live Online Virtual Auction – 124 James Street, Leichhardt

Theodore Bruce Auctions is pleased to present a diverse range of rare and beautiful artefacts for sale in our September 7 sale.

The works are predominantly from the Pacific but also includes items from Indonesia, Africa and Aboriginal Australia. The sale commences with a series of excellent shields from PNG and starting with Lot 9001, a dynamic April River shield followed by many dramatic examples from the highland regions. The following 200 Lots include many masks, figures, traditional jewelry, tribal pottery, drums, pukamani poles, baskets, arrows and woven items. Highlights of the auction include Lot 9117 a stunning Nguzunguzu (canoe prow figure) from the Solomon Islands; Lot 9025 a very beautiful Duke of York Islands mask; Lot 9178 a huge and striking Baining Fire Dance Mask from East New Britain, and Lot 9123 a superb Totokia Club from Fiji.

This auction offers lots in all price ranges with pieces both for the sophisticated collector as well as for those still learning about the fascinating art from our region.


Jim Elmslie

[email protected]

0407 913 870