How to

Each week, Theodore Bruce Auctions sell a breathtaking variety of objects. Our loyal sellers and track record will attest that we get the best prices for our sellers. How? We believe it’s a combination of factors including:

  • Our experienced specialists in a wide range of categories including Fine Art, Jewellery, Antiques & Collectables
  • Our team of accomplished Auctioneers
  • Our comprehensive database of local, interstate and overseas buyers
  • Our marketing strategy, which ensures potential buyers are kept abreast of items of special interest and upcoming auctions.

Our simple three-step process

Selling at Theodore Bruce Auctions is as easy as one, two, three.

Whether you’re ready to sell artworks, antiques, decorative arts, collectables, classic cars, toys, curios, glassware, books, furniture, manuscripts or jewellery, our friendly and experienced staff can help you every step of the way.

Our streamlined three-step process involves:

  • Appraisal
  • Consignment
  • Settlement


Theodore Bruce offers confidential appraisals and on-the-spot advice free of charge to anyone who brings items to our salesroom. Everyone gets the same attention at Theodore Bruce Auctions. Valuable or not, your objects will always be of interest to us.

When you arrive at our saleroom, head straight for the Front Counter where you will be given helpful advice and the opportunity to talk with one of our specialists. Alternatively, you can contact our Valuations Department to arrange an appraisal or send in photographs of the items you wish to consign for appraisal. Please provide clear photographs of each individual item you wish to consign, with dimensions and other information of note. Envelopes should be marked ‘Photo Auction Estimate’ and sent to Theodore Bruce Auctions:

New South Wales

124 James Street |Leichhardt | NSW |2040

South Australia

The Watson | 33 Warwick Street | Walkerville | SA 5081

Alternatively, you can submit your digital photos and item details online. Please limit images to not more than five (5) of each item. For further information or assistance, contact:

Once we have viewed your property, our specialist and general valuers will offer a thoughtful and confidential valuation of your items based on:

  • Quality and condition
  • Origin
  • Collectability and rarity

Your valuation will also take into account prices realised for similar items in recent auctions and other sales venues. Estimates are not guarantees that your object will sell within the published range, but are intended to provide general guidelines for buyers and sellers – and to stimulate competitive bidding.

If you decide your property is suitable for sale at auction, our expert valuation staff will identify and set a reserve (or minimum price). We will also recommend the most suitable auction and sale timing for your items.

The reserve price acts as your protection on the day of the auction; if bidding stops before your reserve price has been reached then your items will be ‘passed-in’ by the auctioneer.

You then have two choices: either have your property returned to you, or re-offer it at a future auction at a mutually agreed lower reserve.

Next, it’s time to sign a Consignment (or Seller’s) Agreement with Theodore Bruce Auctions.


A Consignment (or Seller’s) Agreement is a contract that outlines Theodore Bruce Auctions commitment to sell your property at auction. The contract lists our terms and fees for services such as insurance, loss and damage liabilities, delivery and catalogue illustration.

Once your property has been scheduled into the most appropriate upcoming auction, we will receive your property for cataloguing and photography as lots for our print and online catalogues.

Rest assured that all items we hold on your behalf will be stored securely and insured throughout the auction process.

Next we begin our impressive marketing campaign, which aims to market your items to the greatest number of potential buyers.

We create an extensive marketing plan for each auction – which includes direct mail, print media advertising, online promotion and a public preview. Our sales are also posted online to access millions of Internet auction buyers.

You’re welcome to attend on auction day, or you can phone our Results Office to find out prices achieved.


After the auction, you will receive a detailed inventory of your consignment, which will show the prices achieved for each lot. You will receive payment for your property approximately 15 working days after the completion of the sale, minus commissions and other fees and charges that are clearly outlined in the Consignment Agreement.

For further details, please refer to the Consignment Agreement, or speak to our helpful staff.

If your item does not sell at auction we will mail you a letter before settlement date asking if you would like to have your property returned to you or if you would like to re-offer it at an upcoming auction.