“Once every few years we get to work on a collection that everyone seems to enjoy, this is one of those collections”.

Bill Collins built a vast collection of books, photographs, publicity material and movie ephemera that supported his long career in understanding the movies and the effort that goes into making them. What first stuck us was the volume of the collection, it is truly comprehensive and after working our way through the collection we have been deeply impressed by the lack of duplication and the great scope of classic movies that the collection represents.

“We will treasure the opportunity of working with the family and hearing all the stories that they cherish and we hope to be able to share some of that passion during the series of Auctions”.

One of the things that the family and we felt strongly about was making the collection accessible to all of Bill Collins fans in Australia and around the world, rather than selling the collection as a whole or in big chunks we felt it was the right thing to do to offer each separate part in ‘bite size’ pieces so that if you love a particular movie star or a certain movie then you can Bid and hopefully win that little slice of the Golden Years of Hollywood.

“There are thousands of items available and truly something for everyone in this once in a lifetime collection”.

We will open the Gala of Auctions with the Bill Collins Golden Years of Hollywood Live Auction, this will be streamed over the internet and using the Invaluable bidding platform to ensure that no matter where you are in the world you can Bid on this auction. The Auction features many items from Bill and Joan Collins private collections along with a selection of items from each of the timed bid Auctions that follow in October and through November. The Timed Bid Auctions cover everything from signed Hollywood photographs through posters, movie memorabilia to the Bill Collins laserdisc collection.

The forthcoming Auctions are as follows:

18-Oct Bill Collins | The Golden Years of Hollywood Live Auction

Timed Auctions

24-Oct At Home with Bill & Joan Collins
25-Oct Autographed Photos | The Bill Collins Archives

31-Oct Lobby Cards & Programs | Bill Collins Archives
01-Nov Movie Stills | The Bill Collins Archives

07-Nov Movie Press & Publicity | Bill Collins Archives
08-Nov The Bill Collins Library | Research & History

14-Nov Movie Posters | US Inserts| Bill Collins Archives
15-Nov Movie Posters | Bill Collins Archives

20-Nov Head Shot Portraits | The Bill Collins Archives
21-Nov Laserdisc & Vinyl | The Bill Collins Archives

28-Nov Pop Culture Pt 1 | Bill Collins Archives
29-Nov Pop Culture Pt 2 | The Bill Collins Archives