DATE: Monday 24 August | 6pm

LOCATION: Timed Online Auction | 124 James Street, Leichhardt, NSW 2020

The Chinese, Japanese and Asian Decorative Art Auction is a Timed Online Auction taking place on Monday 24 August at 6pm.

In this auction you will discover; Tibetan Bronze Stupa, Standing Burmese Shakymuni Buddha, Gilt Bronze Alloy Kalachakra Figure, Painted Bronze Alloy & Gilt Ganesha, Chinese Yixing Teapot by Chinese Ceramic Master Qiu Yulin, Earthenware Figure of a Dancer with White Slip & Traces of Pigment Han Dynasty, Chinese Porcelain Vase, Indian Miniature Silver Metal Swing Chair, Panorama of Rivers and Mountains Scroll, Archaic Ritual Bronze Food Vessel, Chinese Archaistic Bronze Alloy Owl, Japanese Bronze Alloy of the God Daikoku, Chinese Celadon Green Jade Censor, Large Carved & Painted Mythical Garuda, Chinese Panel Painted in Lacquer & Gilt with Two Celestial Figures, Chinese Elm Side Table, Chinese Two Door Cabinet with Open Shelf, Chinese Boxwood Carving, Carved Boxwood Figure of a Fisherman, Chinese Bamboo Carving, Large Chinese Blue & White Covered Jar, Fine Chinese Porcelain Grisaille Decorated Bowl, Chinese Bronze Alloy Incense Burner, Chinese Dark Bronze Alloy of Guan Gong, Chinese Porcelain Vase, Chinese Hardwood Folding Twin Chair, Korean Cabinet with Drawers, Balinese Hardwood Throne Chair and a Chinese Porcelain Underglaze Blue Lamp Bases, among many other items.