A Chinoiserie Painted Tea Bowl & Saucer, C.1780

Chinese, Japanese & Asian Art

The Chinese, Japanese & Asian Decorative Art department offers arts of China, Japan, Korea, Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asia. It conducts regularly scheduled auctions that showcases porcelains, pottery, jade, paintings, scholar’s objects, bronzes and furniture. Our experienced Asian Art team are able to offer expert advice on your collection.

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Gong Zhang

Gong Zhang joined Theodore Bruce  in 2019. He has developed his interest in art and Chinese antiquity at a young age while growing up in a collector’s family in China. This passion for art has led him to continuously study in this area. Gong Zhang researches and appraises paintings, bronzes, ceramics, sculptures, jade and furniture. He is fluent in both Chinese and English. He brings his valuable language skills and many years of experience in the world of Asian art.





Gong Zhang于2019年加入本公司。他出生书香门第,从小就对艺术产生了兴趣。基于对艺术的热爱他不断在这个领域学习和钻研。Gong Zhang研究并评估亚洲艺术品包括书画、铜器、瓷器、雕塑、玉器和家具。他可以流利使用中英文。他为我们带来了重要的语言技能和宝贵的亚洲艺术经验。