DATE: Saturday 30 May @10am

LOCATION: Timed Online Auction | 124 James Street, Leichhardt, NSW 2020

If you are of a pragmatic frame of mind, perhaps an Ebay seller, you will find hundreds of items in this auction that will prove to be profitable. There are tub loads of items in this auction that are fit for purpose and their proper use, i.e. their use before the item was unable to be delivered, may appear instantly obvious in some Lots and baffling in others. Why would someone need forty packs of hand sanitiser I’ll never know** It is an Auction with a sense of all-purpose adventure. We have you covered for perfect sushi rolling, for creating art, muffins and for home repair, we have beauty products and pet care, we have it all.

My mother used to call them nicknacks and jeejaws but for the sake of easy explaination this Auction is full of “stuff”, some Essential, some Collectible and along with the incredibly useful are plenty of box lots packed to bursting with tchotchkes. There are Lots designed to be convenient & effective such as healthcare and remedial items, some are fruitful and they will make your life in the kitchen much easier and others are helpful and pragmatic. Some are simply good and handy whose design and intention is functional and of service.

Have fun exploring and tag #theodorebruceauctions on Instagram with the best, brightest and most useful items you buy in the Essentials and Collectables Auction.

** We receive items that Australia Post has held for two months whilst searching for or waiting upon an owner of the parcel. This collection dates to circa mid March when hand sanitiser was very much in vogue.