DATE: Saturday 15 August | 10am

LOCATION: Timed Online Auction | 124 James Street, Leichhardt, NSW 2020

The Gym & Garage Auction takes place on Saturday 15 August at 10am. In this auction you will find major brand name goods, handy items and fitness related equipment and paraphernalia.

For those that are new to these Australia Post Auctions, please read on.

Theodore Bruce – under instruction from Australia Post –  conduct an Auction monthly of items that have been lost in the post (e.g. no postal address or return address). If you have lost an item in the post please visit

We offer 100 to 200 lots in each sale and our Post auction is great fun and very popular, every Auction is different and we sell an incredible variety with something for everyone. Recent items that we have sold include, in no particular order:

Designer sunglasses
Kitchen appliances including Thermomix
Smartphones, laptops and tablets
Art and Sculpture
Jewellery and Wristwatches including Smart watches and we also sold a Solid Gold Brietling
Louis Vuitton Handbags
Luxury clothing e.g. Givenchy, Camilla Frank
Fine Wines, Spirits and Cigars
Bluetooth speakers, headphones and earbuds
Stationary and Art Supplies including notebooks, quality ink pens
DVDs, Vinyl and multimedia entertainment
Beauty and Cosmetics
Electronics and gadgets
Sporting goods
Toys and Children’s clothing including LEGO
Smart watches
Galaxy watch
Designer watches
Sneakers and trainers such as Nike and Yeezy
Game cards including Magic
Perfume and cologne
Car parts
Sporting equipment including AFL, Rugby, Fishing, F1 and Football
And much, much more.
To receive notification of upcoming Lost Post auctions please CLICK HERE

Important information to note

All Australia Post lots are sold unreserved. Everything is purchased on a “as is where is basis” & without guarantee or warranty. Please note the following Specific Terms used in these catalogues;

“In unopened box” – the item has never been opened.
“In opened box”  –  the item is in what appears to be it’s original box  and packaging, the item may or may not be complete.
“In repackaged box” – the box has been opened and the item has been repacked into it. It may or may not be the original box and/or packaging materials. The item may or may not be complete.
“AF” refers to “as found” or “all faults” – The lot shows some form of damage, it may be carton damage and/or actual physical damage to the item itself.
Where an item is described as “marked” we are merely stating an identifying feature we are not claiming that the item is genuine or fit for purpose.
All the proceeds from Australia Post Lots in this auction are donated to charity.
Boxes branded Australia Post remain the property of Australia Post and must not be removed from our premises.