DATE: Tuesday 9 June @6pm

LOCATION: Timed Online Auction | 124 James Street, Leichhardt, NSW 2020

The Home & Away Auction takes place on Tuesday 9 June from 6pm. This Auction features camping equipment, rucksacks & luggage, garage essentials, home care and repair, two impressively large Lots of smartphone cases and some sporting equipment among many other items.

Alongside big name brands are hundreds of items that have been lost in the post #these are items where the parcel has neither a destination or return address. After the item has been held for a period of time and the owner has not come forward and claim it the item is sent for Auction. The profits of the Auction are donated to the Government Central Charity Fund.

Have fun exploring and tag #theodorebruceauctions on Instagram with the best, coolest and most useful items you buy in the Home & Technology Auction.