Part II of the Duncan Kentish Estate Collection – featuring rare and highly collectable Aboriginal Oceania artefacts – is to be sold by Theodore Bruce Auctions Pty Ltd on Wednesday 5 February.

The sale includes artefacts from the Central and Western Australian Desert, as well as an extensive collection of totemic carved wooden artefacts from the Sepic region of Papua New Guinea.

The late Duncan Kentish was a keen amateur anthropologist and collected artefacts including carved wooden objects,  fired clay objects and native weapons, as well as Papua New Guinean hut figures, stools and Sepic region totemic figures.

Of particular interest is a ceremonial hat made of human hair wound about a paper bark cone crowned with a plume of emu feathers, which is estimated to fetch around $700 – $1,000.  The rare Central Australian ceremonial object will be keenly sought after by collectors and anthropologists alike.

The offering also includes a mulga hooked nulla nulla, boomerangs (both incised decorated and polychrome decorated), incised decorated woomeras, two magnificent Papua New Guinean ceremonial drums, each with reptile skin surface, authentic “balled” native ochre and much more.

The sale will start at 6 pm in Theodore Bruce Auction Rooms, 46 First Street, Brompton, on Wednesday 5 February. The collection can be inspected Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10am and 4pm.

A catalogue is available online at www.theodorebruceauctions.com.au,

Enquiries:  James Bruce 0417 834 455 or [email protected]