The Shoes & Fashion auction offers up ladies fashion, ladies leisureware, men’s activewear, childrens clothes, ladies sleepwear, underwear, mens and women’s shoes and sneakers and accessories. Something for everyone in the family. We also provide a number of Lots that are perfect for the re-seller, so if you don’t have an Ebay or Etsy shop maybe now is the time to start.

Alongside big name brands are hundreds of items that have been lost in the post, these are items where the parcel has neither a destination or return address. After the item has been held for a period of time and the owner has not come forward and claim it the item is sent for Auction.

The profits of the Auction are donated to the Government Central Charity Fund.

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Please note:

If you have lost an item in the post please visit

Please treat the catalogue as a guide only.

All Australia Post lots are sold unreserved unless identified otherwise

Everything is purchased on a “as is where is basis” & without guarantee or warranty.

Please note the following Specific Terms used in these catalogues;

“In unpoened box” – the item has never been opened.

“In opened box” – the item is in what appears to be it’s original box and packaging, the item may or may not be complete.

“In repackaged box” – the box has been opened and the item has been repacked into it. It may or may not be the original box and/or packaging materials. The item may or may not be complete.

“AF” refers to “as found” or “all faults” – The lot shows some form of damage, it may be carton damage and/or actual physical damage to the item itself.

Where an item is described as “marked” we are merely stating an identifying feature we are not claiming that the item is genuine or fit for purpose.

All the profits from Australia Post Lots in this auction are donated to charity.

Boxes branded Australia Post remain the property of Australia Post and must not be removed from our premises.