Sydney Airport Lost Property Auction 2024

Theodore Bruce Auctioneers & Valuers is delighted to once again host the annual Sydney Airport Lost Property Auction. Since 2013, the auction has raised more than $1.6 million for local and national charities, with proceeds this year supporting the Harding Miller Education Foundation. To be offered over five themed auctions, the collection features thousands of unclaimed items – including clothing, jewellery, handbags, technology, beauty and homewares. Bidding on all lots starts at $10.

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Important information for all bidders also below.

View Catalogues & Bid Online from 7am, Saturday 4 May

The Harding Miller Education Foundation

Supporting the Harding Miller Education Foundation

Since 2013, Sydney Airport’s lost property auctions have raised $1.6 million for charitable community organisations, with $200,000 raised in 2023 for the Bayside Women’s Shelter.

This year, funds raised will be donated to the wonderful Harding Miller Education Foundation.

The Harding Miller Education Foundation supports high potential but socio-economically disadvantaged girls through a $20,000 scholarship over four years of high school.

The program provides the tools and resources for recipients to not only complete high school but to reach their potential and build pathways to tertiary education. The scholarship includes a laptop, data, tutoring, IT support, online homework help and an annual $650 school expense card to help with costs like uniforms, stationery and excursions.

Since 2016, over 1,000 scholarships have been awarded to girls from more than 400 schools in every state and territory of Australia. All administrative and staff costs are covered by the founders so 100% of all foundation donations go directly to the students.

Sydney Airport

Photo courtesy Sydney Airport

About the Sydney Airport Lost Property Auction

Prior to COVID, Sydney Airport welcomed more than 44 million passengers annually. With thousands passing through the terminal every day, things often get left behind inside the airport’s three terminals – on seats, in bathrooms, sometimes at the back of queues.

Sydney Airport has a dedicated team that works very hard to reunite these items with their owners. In the last year alone, they successfully returned more than 5,000 items to passengers.

Sydney Airport donates anything that remains unclaimed to local charities – or they are auctioned for charity in the annual Sydney Airport Lost Property Auction.

Women working at laptop

Unsplash | Christin Hume

How To Join the Auctions

The Sydney Airport Lost Property collection includes five timed online auctions.

View – You may view all catalogues from Saturday 4 May. Please keep an eye on Upcoming Auctions or join our newsletter via the form below.

Register – All bidders need to register, and you can do this quickly and easily by clicking the ‘Register to Bid’ link at the base of any lot description in the auction.

Bid – You can bid as soon as the auctions are live. Bidding on the first lot closes at the published auction closing time, with subsequent lots in that auction closing 30 seconds apart.

Auction Details

Tech & Gaming | Saturday 11 May | 11am
Sunglasses, Bags, Shoes & Accessories | Saturday 11 May | 2pm
Jewellery & Watches | Sunday 12 May | 11am
Clothing | Sunday 12 May | 2pm
Beauty, Alcohol, Home | Sunday 12 May | 4pm

Auction Contact: Casi Prischl

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Tips for first-time buyers

If you’re new to auctions, please be sure to read our How to Buy & Shipping pages. We also recommend that you:

  • Click – the art frame icon that is the first lot in every auction. This is where you find all terms & conditions including buyer fees.
  • Read – the lot description carefully for details on item condition and dimensions.
  • Look – at all photos. These may show the items/s from several directions and include any important markings.
  • Consider – shipping costs. Our shipping department can provide quotes for small item postage and recommend carriers for larger items.
  • Contact – us with any questions.


Important Information for Bidders

Conditions of sale
Once the auction has closed, the sale is final and binding. As outlined on our website please treat the catalogue as a guide only. All items in these auctions are lost property. We do not guarantee the authenticity, brand or stamping on any item, or that it is fit for purpose. Items in this auction may be used and/or have transit and/or other damage. We endeavour to identify obvious damage, but any omission will not invalidate any sale.

How to bid
Each lot closes sequentially in lot order 30 seconds after the previous lot, i.e. if Lot 1 closes at 11am then Lot 2 will close at 11:003am and Lot 3 will close at 11:01am and so on. If a bid is placed within the last five minutes prior to closing, then the bidding time will be extended for that lot by 5 minutes. Bidding extensions continue for a maximum of two hours.

You can place individual bids at any time up until the close of a lot. You may also place a maximum bid in the system for any lot. The system will only bid on your behalf if another bid is placed on that lot. As an example, if a lot has a bid of $20 already and you leave a maximum bid of $100, then the system will execute your bid and you will be the high bidder at $25. If another bid is place for $50 then your next bid would be executed at $55 and so on. If another bid of $100 is placed, your bid will be recognised as it was placed first. If your bid is exceeded, you will receive a notification that you have been outbid.

Adjusting or cancelling bids
Should you wish to adjust your bid, you can do this by logging into your account, going to the ‘My Bid’ section and adjusting or cancelling your bid. You are able to cancel up to three bids in each sale and this can be completed up to two hours prior to the close of the auction. Please note Theodore Bruce is unable to cancel a bid on your behalf.

Once each auction has closed, successful bidders will receive an email with their invoice. Payment is required within two working days after auction close. Payment can be made via bank transfer or credit card (please note transaction fees for credit cards and debit cards).

Collection of goods
Goods are to be collected from our Parramatta Road Rooms at 110 Parramatta Road, Stanmore NSW. Please note you may park outside our building between 10am-3pm. Please call +61 2 8212 4100 to make an appointment for collection.

Theodore Bruce can provide a postage quote upon request. You are also welcome to organise shipping, or we can recommend third-party delivery services.

For queries or assistance, please contact Casi Prischl [email protected].

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