We are pleased to be offering this important collection of Bronze, Stone & Wood, from the 14th to the 20th century. Including sitting & standing Buddhist & Hindu sculpture from India, Thailand, Cambodia and Burma, a Laotian frog drum, a Krishna flute a Tibetan temple bell and much more…

Barry John Smith graduated from UNSW with Hons in 1975. His career in mining eventually led to heading up companies in India & Indonesia.

Barry’s family suggested ‘it was impossible to describe him in a few words…’

He was an enigmatic character with an intense passion, who moved effortlessly from businessman to a trader in rugs and gems & an avid practitioner of yoga. He was a spiritual student & teacher, an intellectual with a keen eye & a discipline in his collecting.

‘Barry was highly gifted with an insight and a deep affection for things that were difficult to understand. He travelled a winding and often confused path in his search for a fundamental truth, a consistent theme in his life was the cosmos.’

His mindset and passion has led to a remarkable collection of early Buddhist & Hindu sculpture & artefacts sourced during extensive travels to Central and South-East Asia over four decades.

When Barry passed away in 2015 he was embalmed and buried in a Sufi cemetery in Bali as Haji Muhammad Ibrahim. He is survived by a wife & three children.