The Brumpton Collection | Mid 20th Century Movie Daybills

The Brumpton Collection | Mid 20th Century Movie Daybills

Timed Online | Monday 20 December | Closing 6pm

Nance Brumpton grew up in the small rural Victorian town of Marnoo.  The local deli advertised movies for the next country town in their window and she asked the deli owner if she could have them after they weren’t needed anymore.


After marrying and moving to Adelaide the posters were stored at her Mothers house in Marnoo.  She had carefully wrapped them in brown paper, signed the outside with “Property of Nance Jenkins (her maiden name)” and placed in a cupboard.


She knew they were stored somewhere safely and told her 3 children that these posters existed but they weren’t found again until a number of years after she passed away still wrapped in the brown paper and beautifully preserved.


Nance’s children and grandchildren have kept a few posters to remember her by and these are proudly displayed on the walls of their homes.  They hope others can enjoy the rest of this collection.

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