The Joyce Evans OAM Collection of Photography

Theodore Bruce is delighted to be offering works from the Estate of the Late Joyce Evans OAM. The auction includes many of her own works plus those of other Australian and international artists in her collection.

Joyce Evans OAM, Australia (1929-2019), Riley, National Gallery of Australia Sculpture Park 2008

Joyce Evans was a pioneer and supporter of photography in Australia and one of the first women to be director of an independent, commercial photography gallery, one of outstanding merit and influence.

She began the Church Street Photographic Centre in Melbourne in 1976, introducing the work of many young photographers and established international and Australian photographers to a new audience. She was known internationally as the doyenne of Australian photography hosting exhibitions of international and local significance. Before closing the gallery in 1982 she had exhibited such artists as Frank Hurley, Bill Henson, Henri Cartier-Bresson, David Moore and Max Dupain.

From this time, she focused on her own work and she brought photography into mainstream education by offering photography appreciation courses to art students and the wider community.

Joyce Evans OAM Emu Dreaming, Yuendumu NT 2005

She was a working photographer and storyteller, and of photography she said “Making photographs that are memorable requires more than just camera, light & a story, it requires a type of harmony, unity & an indefinable something, which I can best explain as becoming emotionally attached to the subject so that the images make themselves.”

Joyce worked across themes in her practice, and her love of landscapes was a prominent one. She looked to the unseen in series including Edge of the Road, Blue Sky and Eternal Prague.

Joyce’s works are included in the collections of major Public and Regional Australian Collections, including an extensive selection in the National Library of Australia and internationally in Sweden and France.

Joyce Evans OAM, Australia (1929-2019), Great Dane Eye, Million Paws Walk Mt Martha 2002

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The Joyce Evans OAM Collection of Photography & Artwork
Monday 12 September | Closing 6pm
In Our Rooms | Stanmore

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