The World of Lladro Porcelain

This year marked the 70th anniversary of Lladró, the iconic Spanish brand renowned for its delicate and superbly crafted porcelain figurines. Whilst the Lladró world today spans sculpture, jewellery, lighting, homewares and contemporary design, the figurines and figurative scenes that launched the Lladró name remain the hallmark of this iconic creator.

Lladro Fox jewel Sculpture, glazed porcelain figure of a fox

The Lladró Story

Lladró was founded in 1953 by three brothers – Juan, José and Vicente Lladró – in the village of Almàssera, Spain. Inspired by leading European porcelain makers including Meissen, Sèvres and Capodimonte, the brothers began creating plates, vases and figurines using virtuoso techniques still in use today.

During the 1960’s and ’70s, the brothers refined the Lladró style, began producing stunningly complex creations, introduced revolutionary kiln firing techniques, and started a porcelain school – where they could train and mentor artists and artisans.

By the 1990’s Lladró was thriving – represented in the Hermitage Collection in Russia, and with boutiques across the United States, Europe and Asia. Lasting for 15 years, The Lladró Collectors’ Society (formed in 1985) boasted more than 100,000 collectors.

In the 21st century, Lladró has continued to innovate, producing exciting new ranges including matt white sculptures, and porcelain pieces inspired by diverse cultures and religions. The Lladró Museum in Tavernes Blanques draws thousands of visitors every year.

Today, collaborations are key to the Lladró world, with the brand working in partnership with artists and designers – including Paul Smith and Hisakazu Shimizu – to create unique objects of outstanding quality.

Pictured: Lladró Fox jewel Sculpture, 2023

A Lladro Porcelain Figure, The Goddess & The Unicorn, By Joan Coderc, No. 6007Uniquely Handcrafted Figurines

The intricate detail and subtle colours that typify Lladro porcelain, are the result of traditional methods, unique processes and extraordinary attention to detail. Each piece is handcrafted by a team of artists and designers at the company’s only factory, in Valencia, Spain.

Utilising the so-called “white gold” of the Chinese Tang dynasty – made up of minerals including kaolin, quartz and feldspar – the team creates up to 32 different types of porcelain, each ideally suited to the end product.

From the initial design through the chemistry, modelling, kiln firing and decoration, every stage is carefully monitored to ensure every piece is of the highest quality.

Pictured: A Lladró Porcelain Figure, The Goddess & The Unicorn, By Joan Coderc, No. 6007

Signature Style & Quality 

The themes for Lladró’s porcelain figurines are wide ranging, and include myths and legends, sea creatures, Hinduism, sports, and historical female figures such as Cleopatra.

There are Art Editions and seasonal favourites, as well as fun, licenced creations, including limited editions for Star Wars, Snoopy – Peanuts, Hello Kitty and Disney.

Lladró has a palette of over 4,000 different colours, and it uses a variety of decorative techniques – liquid colours, enamels, lustres – plus different textures and finishes.

The stunning detail is most evident in pieces containing flowers. The artists model and create every petal by hand, ensuring every flower is unique, and every figurine is truly one-of-a-kind.

Pictured: A Lladró Porcelain Figure “Flowers Of The Season” By Jose Puche, No. 1454

A Lladro Porcelain Figure, "Backstage Ballet" By José Luis Santes, No. 8476, Limited Edition, at Theodore Bruce Decorative Arts auctionEnduring Collector Appeal

Whilst Lladró’s eclectic creations continue to draw new followers – a striking gold Darth Vader figurine was one of the more popular limited editions this year – collectors remain drawn to the elegant figurines that established Lladro as a household name.

The interesting thing about Lladró porcelain is that the entire range holds broad collector appeal” says Casi Prischl, Theodore Bruce Head of Auctions.

While some of our customers are always on the lookout for ballerinas, others prefer the figurative scenes (such as the Venetian Serenade below) or literature-inspired pieces including the Don Quixote or Romeo & Juliet figurines.”

The prices can also vary dramatically, meaning it’s often possible to pick up really beautiful pieces for quite low prices.”

Theodore Bruce auctions Lladró in our decorative arts and single vendor auctions – with a beautiful collection of Lladró porcelain and Lalique Glass on offer very soon. To stay informed, please keep an eye on our Upcoming Auctions page, or join our newsletter via the link below.

Pictured: A Lladró Porcelain Figure “Flowers Of The Season” By Jose Puche, No. 1454

An Impressive Lladro Figure, 'Venetian Serenade' By Francisco Catala, Timber Stand, Limited Edition No. 362

An Impressive Lladro Figure, 'Venetian Serenade' By Francisco Catala, Timber Stand, Limited Edition No. 362